Retailer Cancels PS5 and Xbox Series X Orders Claimed by Infamous Scalper Group

Infamous scalpers over at CrepChiefNotify recently bragged that they had snagged thousands of new consoles from UK’s online retailer, It appears that the group was able to place those orders due to a technical glitch, and they’ve now been cancelled.

“As a result of a technical error, some people were able to place orders for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles for a short time on Sunday,” a spokesperson for Very Group told Sky News. “However, these items are not on sale and affected customers have received notice that the orders have been cancelled. We apologize for the confusion caused.”

While it makes us a little happy inside, this news is disappointing for genuine customers who managed to place an order. This situation is reminiscent of the recent mass cancellations carried out by Kohl’s in the United States, which infuriated customers who thought they had finally secured a console, only to be handed meager compensation instead.

Apparently, Costco also ended up overselling the new consoles. However, the company is trying to make it right by guaranteeing a unit to those who successfully placed an order. “I was told if you received a tracking number, you are guaranteed a unit and they [Costco] will be receiving more to fulfill shipments within the next 5-8 business days,” wrote Twitter user VideoBstie. “That also means a possible PS5 restock on Costco within the next two weeks, so keep an eye out.”

It looks like websites were simply unable to cope with the volume of orders that they were receiving, and this situation is unlikely to improve before Christmas.

[Source: Sky News]