Kohl’s Cancelling PS5 Orders After Customers Depleted Its Stock in No Time

In case you missed the memo, the PlayStation 5 is in shortage…everywhere. Such is the console’s demand that retailers are running out of stock within minutes and are being forced to cancel orders that they can’t fulfil. One such retailer is Kohl’s, which offered a lucrative bundle comprising of the PS5, an additional DualSense controller, and a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for $639.99.

It doesn’t take a lot to guess what happened next. Now, frustrated customers are reporting that their orders are being cancelled after they went through the checkout process successfully (most people don’t even get that far on sites like Amazon).

“Your order has been cancelled because your item or items are no longer available,” reads an email posted by Reddit user GingerNinja88 (thanks, Push Square). “We apologize for any inconvenience.” Accompanying the email is an order cancellation summary with a “Recently Sold Out” label plastered in red on top of a photo of a PS5 console. Bummer.

Both Twitter and Reddit are inundated with screenshots of the cancellations. To be fair to retailers, Sony has admitted that “absolutely everything is sold,” and that it’s making an effort to increase supply to match unprecedented demand. However, this is little consolation for those who have missed out, especially in light of widespread reports that scalpers and reseller groups in multiple regions have amassed thousands of consoles, and are selling them on sites like Facebook and eBay for well over twice the MSRP.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft have addressed this situation as of yet.

[Source: Reddit via Push Square]