The Number of Under-18 Boys Gamers Surpassed By Adult Women

The Entertainment Software Association has just released its anual report based on sales, demographic, and usage data for gamers. Unlike past years, the charts now reveal that there are in fact more adult women playing games compared to under-18 boys. As of this year, women with ages 18 and over are more than 36 percent from the total number of gamers, while minors are only 17 percent.

However, adult males are still in the lead with 52 percent, despite the fact that their numbers dropped with three percent from last year’s count. The graphs did not reveal what kind of games each category plays more often, but it’s clearly that more and more women are enjoying playing games. It’s also likely for them to match up the number of males playing games, as a lot more accessible games are released nowadays.

With the constant growth of mobile games, we can also expect for the total number of gamers to be raised yearly. Unlike a decade ago, there are now games for everyone, no matter what age they are and what genres they prefer.

[Source: THEESA via ArsTechnica (Rehosted at UnrankedSmurfs)]