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Survey: More Women Own Consoles Than Men in the US

A recent survey has revealed that more women now own consoles than men. 

The collated research undertaken by the Pew Research Center revealed that around 40 percent of US adults own consoles, down from 41 percent in 2009, and disparities were found in console ownership between gender, age and ethnicity. It emerged that women were more likely to own a console than men (42 percent to 37 percent), with Hispanics (45 percent) more likely to own one than black (43 percent) or white (39 percent) participants. 

There were also differences in ownership by age, which was to be expected. The highest ownership came from the 18-29 age group with 56 percent. People born before 1966 were less likely to own a console, with 50-64-year-olds taking 30 percent, with those people 65 in over who took the survey only taking 8 percent of ownership. 


Elsewhere, handhelds across the board were still a bit of a niche, with only 14 percent of adults owning them, the same as it was in 2009. Among the 18-29 age group, the numbers reached 21 percent. 

[Source: Games Industry]