PlayStation Beats Xbox and Nintendo as UK’s Top Primary Console, Survey Says

PlayStation console owners are far more likely to use their PS5 and PS4 as primary consoles, according to the results of a consumer survey in the UK. More specifically, 71% of PS5 owners (disc version) and 54% of PS4 owners say that they use them as their main console of choice. By comparison, owners of the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch don’t view these as primary consoles as much.

The PS5’s “healthy flow of exclusive content” is a significant factor

In a Q4 2022 survey conducted by analytical site Ampere Games, which regularly conducts surveys across 12 international markets with 50,000 respondents a year, a higher percentage of UK PS5 and PS4 owners see these consoles as their primary source of entertainment.

The survey asked UK owners of each current-gen console whether they use that console the most. Here is a full breakdown of the results:

  • PlayStation 5 (disc version) – 71%
  • PlayStation 4 – 54%
  • Xbox One/One S – 49%
  • Nintendo Switch – 49%
  • Xbox Series X – 48%
  • PlayStation 5 (digital version) – 43%
  • PlayStation 4 Pro – 39%
  • Xbox One X – 38%
  • Xbox Series S – 35%

The researchers say that the PS5 ranking highly on the list could be due to the console being only two years old, though they remark that this doesn’t explain the divide between the PS5 and Xbox Series X in the results. Instead, it’s PlayStation’s “healthy flow of exclusive content” over the Xbox ecosystem that is a significant factor here. The report also points out that PS5 owners are more likely to be single console owners as opposed to Xbox Series owners.

One interesting finding is that those who own the disc version of the PS5 are 28% more likely to use it as a primary console than those who own the digital version. Of course, the disc version allows users to play physical Blu-rays, but that may not fully explain the seemingly sizable gap between them.