Pillar Announced for PS4 – Psychology Buffs Take Note

August 26, 2014Written by Paulmichael Contreras


Sony is no stranger to indie titles. It seems every other day that we have a new one to report on. Sony has recently announced a puzzler that might pique your interest if you enjoy flexing your cranial muscles.

Dubbed Pillar (stylized as pi||ar), Designer/Programmer/Musician Michael Hicks sums up the game in one sentence, as “a collection of minigames, where each game represents a different type of personality that we find in people.” Hicks says he was first influenced by the movie Magnolia:

Magnolia [is] a movie that examines multiple characters with different storylines but seamlessly weaves them all together. I realized this is something video games can do too but I’ve never seen it utilized in a way that’s as powerful as this film.

Hicks says that one way of looking at this game is as a Myers-Briggs self-assessment test, as every psychological reference is represented in Pillar. There was no mention on how the game actually, plays, but Hicks has promised to reveal that in due time, as the game gets closer to release.

Citing influence from the likes of Jason Rohrer and Jonathan Blow, and given the screenshots below, does Pillar grab your attention? Or do you need more information to make a decision? Let us know at the usual spot below!

[Source: PS.Blog]