Destiny Download Size for PS4 Revealed, PlayStation-Exclusive Content Trailer Shoots Out

Are you planning to pick up Destiny digitally come this September 9? If so, we now know how big the actual Destiny download size will be! According to the Sony Entertainment Network site, the download size is at 17.4GB. 

However, keep in mind that there might be a day-one patch and if so, this should up the file size a fair bit. The 17.4GB file size applies both to the Digital Guardian Edition and to the vanilla version. In related news, remember just a few days ago when we posted an image showcasing the PlayStation-exclusive content coming to Destiny fans? Well, if you’d rather see it in action, you can check the video above.

Are you buying Destiny digitally or are you opting for a physical disc? And given it’s size, how long will it take for your PS4 hard disk to be filled up?

[Source: SEN, US PlayStation Blog]