EA Forecasts Revenue of $350 Million From Madden NFL 15 DLC and Add-On Content (Update)


Editor’s note: Bloomberg’s report mentions the $1 billion amount to be a forecast for DLC and extra content for all of EA’s games and not just Madden 15. We’ve amended the post to reflect this. Sorry for the confusion.

Original Story:

According to a Bloomberg report, Electronic Arts is forecasting revenue earnings of $350 million from add-on content and DLC for its recently released title, Madden NFL 15. This includes purchases through the Ultimate Team mode. 

EA Spokesman John Reseburg confirmed that revenue earned from Madden NFL add-on content increased by 350 percent year-on-year in the financial quarter ending June 30. The company believes that Madden NFL 15 and other sports titles will be a “major contributor” to revenue growth. 

Add-on content includes Ultimate Team players, jerseys, coaches, playbooks and stadiums. Bloomberg’s report notes that “some fans will spend more on the extras than the basic software.” Analyst James Hardiman added that “margins on Madden Ultimate Team are through the roof.”

Regardless of the popularity of the franchise, $350 million from add-ons alone is a significant forecast. On that note, Madden NFL 15 has been well-received so you never know. We reviewed the game and felt that it’s the best looking Madden yet. You can read our review in full here.

[Source: Bloomberg]