Heavenly Sword Movie Gets a New Trailer, Might Not be What You’re Expecting

While Heavenly Sword 2 isn’t anywhere close to seeing the light of day — or even be under development, fans of the game do have the animated movie to look forward to. Since last year, there’s been a few trailers for the Heavenly Sword movie already out in the wild, but today, we get a new one just in time for the film’s DVD release next week.

The video shows Nariko battling ninjas and understandably, there’s a lot of stabbing and action going on. However, the animation and graphics used could use a bit more work. I doubt anyone’s expecting Avatar-level visuals here, but you can judge how the trailer stacks up to the game in the two videos below.

Heavenly Sword Movie Trailer:

Heavenly Sword PlayStation 3 Cinematics:

The animated movie adaptation of Ninja Theory’s PS3-exclusive game is being handled by Blockade Entertainment for release on September 2, with the production outfit also producing an animated movie based on the Ratchet & Clank franchise.

What do you think of the movie so far? Is it good enough or would you rather Sony just use its resources to develop a proper Heavenly Sword sequel?

[Source: PS3 Brasil via VG247]