PornHUB Gets Most of Its Console Traffic From PlayStation 3

According to the latest statistics released by PornHUB, PlayStation 3 users account for 45.8 percent of all traffic generated from video game consoles, and Xbox users come second with 41.4 percent. In terms of pages viewed per visit, PlayStation 3 users only view 6.71 pages whereas Xbox users view 8.76. What’s really remarkable, though, is that the PlayStation Vita wins this category with a figure of 9.92. According to PornHUB:

Playstation may bring the most console users to Pornhub, but they sure don’t waste any time, managing to find the right video in only 6.71 pages. Xbox and Nintendo Wii are tied at nearly 8.5 pages, but Playstation Vita users find their way through nearly 10 pages.

porhub info

On the other hand, it looks like Xbox users stick around the longest on the site, averaging at 11 minutes and 34 seconds compared to PlayStation 3 users spending 9 minutes and 29 seconds on average. 

When it comes to average time on site, Xbox users stick around the longest at 11 mins 34 sec. Nintendo Wii users take a full minute less, followed by Playstation. Trailing the list are Playstation Vita users who manage to get through their 10 pages in only 8 minutes.

Interesting statistics. Anyone else surprised about the PS Vita’s numbers?

[Source: Gizmodo via NeoGAF]