Deep Silver Might Consider a PS Vita Release for Escape Dead Island

A few days ago, we confirmed that Fatshark’s spin-off title Escape Dead Island will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in November this year. Deep Silver’s Ryan Avery headed over to the PlayStation Blog to make the announcement online, and took out some time to answer a few of the readers’ questions, including the possibility of a PlayStation Vita port for the game. 

When asked if Deep Silver would consider a PS Vita release, Avery responded by commenting:

You make a good point. We can certainly consider the Vita. It would be fun to sneak around an island full of zombies as you’re riding the train to work. It will definitely make your commutes interesting. 😀

In response to a fan asking why the game isn’t coming to the PlayStation 4, Avery said:

We focused on making the best experience possible on the PS3 platform when development for Escape Dead Island started. You should give it a shot! It’s a great transition to Dead Island 2, which will be on the PS4. 🙂

While Avery’s response isn’t a confirmation of anything, him saying that Deep Silver “can certainly consider” a PS Vita version of Escape Dead Island gives us a glimmer of hope. Would you like to see the game on your PS Vita?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]