Report: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Prestige Emblems Leaked (Update)

September 5, 2014Written by Alex Co

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


We’ve been able to verify that emblems shown below are indeed fakes. So nothing to see here, people! Move along.

Original Story:

Possibly one of the biggest hooks Call of Duty’s multplayer has is players being able to “Prestige” once they’ve hit the max rank. If you’ve played a Call of Duty multiplayer game (and at this point, who hasn’t?) before, then this should be familiar to you.

In the screenshot below, Miss Krypto of Krypto Gaming shares what she says are the Prestige emblems for Advanced Warfare. According to the leaker, there are 11 emblems in total, but only 10 are connected to the Prestige system. Keep in mind that this could very well be a fake, and with the image being blurry and all, isn’t helping matters either.


 We’ve reached out to Activision to see if these indeed are the Prestige emblems or if someone is once again posting fake stuff as the real deal.

Looking forward to Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer? Make sure to watch this newly-released trailer called “Deep Dive” that gives a tour of the mode’s customization, exosuit abilities, and lots more.

[Source: Twitter (Miss Krypto) via GamingBolt]