Sony: “Over Two-Thirds of Beta Users are Likely to Recommend PlayStation Now”

Sony’s PlayStation Now caused a bit of a stir due to its pricing strategy, but the company is happy with the level of satisfaction shown by the service’s beta users. In his presentation at Cloud Gaming USA, Sony’s Jack Buser revealed a slide stating, “Well over two-thirds of beta users likely to recommend PS Now.” A company spokesperson later clarified to GameSpot that this statistic came from “a survey taken after prices were introduced into the beta.”

Buser also mentioned that PS Now is still in beta mode because Sony is looking into technical issues and bug reports. He said that the service is “a long-term journey for us at Sony, and we’re just now taking the first steps.” We’re told that the team is paying special attention to feedback, with Buser stating that “betas are all about learning.”

Last month, we saw a number of games added to the PS Now beta, with rentals starting from $1.99 a month. Although the beta is US-only at the moment, we were told at gamescom 2014 that it will extend to Europe as well.

Have any of our US-based readers tried PS Now? Let us know what you think.

[Source: GameSpot]