EA Encourages Players to Enjoy the Madden NFL 15 Tiny Titan Glitch While it Lasts

Those who haven’t caught on yet, the Madden NFL 15 Tiny Titan glitch, which makes Cleveland Browns’ rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey appear really tiny in the game, has gone viral. The player, who is 6’2″ tall and 235 lbs in real life, transformed into a Tiny Titan in the Tennessee Titans Solo Challenge within Madden Ultimate Team. 

Electronic Arts itself found the glitch hilarious enough to encourage people to try playing as a Tiny Titan on its official blog. The company wrote:

Screenshots and videos of the Tiny Titan have swept the nation, and even Kirksey himself has some fun with his new stature. Tiny Titan has become an inspirational story for all. You’re never too small to do big things! 

This weekend only, Madden Ultimate Team players can experience the Tiny Titan for themselves. All you need to do is log into Madden 15 and look for the direct link to the Ultimate Teams Weekly Challenges. #TinyTitan will be waiting.

Not only will you be able to see and play against the Tiny Titan, it’ll also net you a few coins to help Collect, Upgrade and Dominate in Madden Ultimate Team. Come join the fastest growing mode in the game and compete against the Tiny Titan!

I’ve seen a few user-created compilations of the glitch and they’ve actually turned out pretty funny. Have our readers encountered the mini Kirksey yet? Share your photos if you have!

[Source: EA Sports]