EA: New Phones “On Par” With PS4 and Xbox One


Unless you’ve managed to hide in a cave for the past day, you most likely saw Apple’s reveal of the latest iPhone with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and the Apple Watch.

It’s not just mobile fans who were keeping tabs, even mega-publisher EA did so, too. Frank Gibeau, head of EA Mobile, liked what he saw and said “it was a good Christmas morning.” Not only that, though, but the exec even thinks the phone’s tech specs are “on par with next-generation consoles.”

It was a good Christmas morning…We got a lot of the gifts we asked for. One key takeaway is that with the retina display and the improved processor, combined with the Metal [graphics] capabilities and 128 GB of memory, that gets you to a device that’s on part with next-generation consoles. That’s moving perfectly into our strike zone.

However, before everyone brings in the pitchforks, Gibeau confirms that he doesn’t share this thought for every mobile device.

In some combination of devices, we’re kind of there…On others, it’s a little hard. The thing about mobile is there are 60,000 flavors of handsets each year. Some are extraordinarily high performance – and given that you’re looking at a small screen that’s right in front of you, pound for pound, it’s right there.

In addition to that, Gibeau thinks that wearable tech like the Apple Watch could be the “future gaming platforms,” and confirmed that internal teams are already working on prototype experiences for the device.

We got real excited about Apple Watch…Wearables could be the future gaming platforms. Look at Oculus, Google Glass, Apple Watch, Samsung’s announcement last week. There are unique functions and ways to interact with these devices that open up a new platform.

Do you agree with Gibeau’s statements or will mobiles and wearable devices always be relegated to casual games? 

[Source: Games Industry]