Destiny Farming Videos Show the Easiest Method to Earn Engrams and Glimmer

Have you hit the soft cap of 20 in Destiny yet? If so, you’re most likely going over Strikes and Crucible matches in order to get better gear. Unfortunately, though, that’s easier said than done.

But what if there’s an easy way to farm both engrams and glimmer (Destiny’s form of currency)? Thankfully, a few enterprising people have managed to do just that. Shown below are three videos from three separate locations in Destiny’s single-player campaign. Depending on your preference, you might opt for one over the other, but they do work and will net you a few engrams and glimmer, too.

Location: Venus – Nexus Strike Mission

Location: Moon – Ocean of Storms Story Mission

Location: Old Russia Patrol

Each video shows you how to get to the exact spot to farm and yes, it can be done even with a full fireteam.

As someone who has tried the methods listed, I can vouch that it does indeed work. It might take some time, but you’ll end up with a pretty good pool of blue, green and even purple engrams. Now, the Cryptarch is another story altogether. But the good thing here is you can raise the Cryptarch’s level with each engram you decrypt; and once a new Cryptarch level is reached, you’ll get a special package from the Postmaster that contains a few engrams that should contain Legendary items — provided the Cryptarch rolls it fairly.

Do you have a better farming method in Destiny? If so, share it below to help the other Guardians!

[Source: ThePwnstar4hire (YouTube), High0nPCP (YouTube), M4giX312 (YouTube)]