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The Metal Gear Collection Finally Unveiled and It’s Not What You Think

September 18, 2014Written by Alex Co


Remember last week when Hideo Kojima teased The Metal Gear Collection 2014 image on Twitter and a lot of people (including me) assumed it was a new Metal Gear compilation?

As it turns out, we (I) were dead wrong in that assumption. The Metal Gear Collection is not a game compilation but a new clothing line! Yes, you read that right. Kojima and Konami will have a clothing line based on the Metal Gear franchise.

Revealed during the stage presentation of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain earlier today, The Metal Gear Collection 2014 apparel line is aimed at both men and women, and will even include accessories and even shoes.

So, for those who can’t get enough of Metal Gear, you can now garb yourself in the appropriate attire, too.

Anyone interested in this or would you have wanted a proper Metal Gear Collection instead?

[Source and Image: Polygon]