PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: September 20 & 21, 2014 – Still Destiny Edition

September 19, 2014Written by Chandler Wood


The combined Destiny playtime of the PlayStation LifeStyle staff is already well above 200 hours, and we’re showing no signs of slowing anytime soon. This weekend shows that Bungie has firmly gotten their hooks in us as we continue to go along for the ride. Those on staff who somehow managed to elude the Destiny craze also share what their weekends will consist of. 

Here’s what everyone is playing this weekend:

Alex Co (@excaliburps)

I’ll still be playing Destiny. Might try and level up with Strikes, PvP and whatnot. It is getting to be a drag just to get that one armor piece to push you to another level. It’s like Bungie doesn’t want people to be able to play the Raid or something.

Aside from that, might go back to some Battlefield 4, since Destiny’s PvP is well, a little shallow, to be honest.

Will also try and sneak in some Vita play time, too.

Cameron Teague

A lot of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, mixed in with some Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and possibly some MLB The Show.

Chandler Wood (@FinchStrife)

I’m going to be playing even more Destiny. I’m sitting pretty with all legendary armor right now, and Xur is calling out to me with his Titan helmet. After I do a bit of leveling up the new armor, I think we’ll try to get a group together to take on the Raid. I’ll also inevitably play Rayman Legends, working on the daily challenges for my platinum, and maybe if I get tired of Destiny (not likely), I do have Final Fantasy X HD to go back and finish grinding out the platinum. A weekend of grinding it seems. 

D’yani Wood (@Dyani)

I have to confess that I reinstalled all my Sims 3 expansions to the PC half of my iMac, because Sims 4 just got too boring! But now I’m stuck in this uncomfortable Sims limbo where Sims 3 has glaringly crappy qualities because I’ve played Sims 4, but Sims 4 has gaping empty holes where crucial features will go once they charge me loads of money for expansion packs. Oh, and I have a couple reviews to do that I haven’t done yet because my air conditioning intake fan broke and my entertainment system setup generates enough heat to raise the temperature by about 10 degrees in my little living room — I hate summer! Yep, that about sums up everything, I think.

Dan Oravasaari (@FoolsJoker)

I have a super early birthday surprise from a friend (birthday is in December), so I am curious to know what that is. But, when I get back it will probably be preparing for the Raid in Destiny and playing through my ‘precious’ embargoed game.

Jason Dunning

I’ll be downloading the Super Smash Bros 3DS demo and trying not to break my 3DS circle pad when playing it. After I inevitably break the circle pad, I’ll be playing more Destiny, though I’m not sure how much longer the game will hold my attention…

Mack Ashworth

I’m taking a break from Destiny. What with the stingy Cryptarch taking my eight Legendary Engrams and churning out eight rare rewards, I’ve had enough… for now.

This weekend I’ll be diving back into The Last of Us Remastered‘s multiplayer, as I need to feed my Facebook friends and check out the latest free maps. I’ll also be sacrificing yet more sleep for the wonderful Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita.

Mark Labbe

I’ll be playing KickBeat on the PS4, as well as trying to get some more legendary weapons in Destiny!

Paulmichael Contreras

I have a re-release of CastleStorm to review, which should keep me entertained in between bouts of Minecraft (I got the bug again lately. My new goal is to convert a villager’s house into a spiraling skyscraper with a railway along its outside edge, whether he wants it or not). Might get into Diablo III again, because the loot is calling me.

Zarmena Khan (@Zarmena)

My weekend will involve covering news for the site and a little bit of retail therapy. In my spare time, I’ll be playing Magicka.

What’s your level and class in Destiny? Have you tried the Raid yet? Let us know what you’ll be playing.