Destiny Vendor “Xur” is in a New Location, Items for Sale This Week Listed


In case you’re curious, here’s where Xur is for September 26, 2014 and what he’s selling.

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If you’ve been playing Destiny since launch, chances are you’re already well over level 20. Now, if our posted farming tips hasn’t worked out the way you planned — or you need something better, then the answer to that is Xur.

For those not familiar with Xur – Agent of the Nine, he’s a hooded vendor in Destiny that only appears on Fridays and Saturdays. And more importantly, he sells Exotic gear! Yep, by using those Strange Coins and Motes of Light as currency, you can buy an Exotic armor or weapon from Xur. Or if you’re feeling a bit brave, you can buy Exotic engrams from him but be cautious, though, as it’s not guaranteed that the item is something your class can use.

While Xur first appeared near the Crucible Quartermaster in the Tower last week, it seems he’s moved. You can now catch the vendor at the Speaker’s area, which might be missed by some since it’s less populated than the main vendors where the Cryptarch, etc. are located.

Now, in order to save you the hassle of going to your PlayStation 4, loading Destiny and suffering through the loading screens just to see if there’s anything Xur is selling this week that tickles your fancy, we’ve done you one better. Shown in the gallery below are the items Xur has on sale for the week and how much they cost.

While deciding which Exotic gear to buy, make sure you check out the events coming to Destiny this weekend and next week. Don’t forget that we also have a feature on Destiny and how hype and marketing trumped some of the game’s less-than-stellar reviews.

Have you bought anything from Xur yet? If you bought an Exotic engram, what did it roll out for you?

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