Destiny Farming Video Shows the Results of 11 Hours of Work With Over 11,000 Kills – See the Results

If you’re still playing Destiny, chances are you’ve farmed in the game at some point and no one blames you. It’s certainly a fast way to earn glimmer and maybe some engrams, while not having to exert that much effort.

However, I doubt you were farming as much as Newuxtreme. In the video above, he mentions that he spent over 11 hours shooting the same wave of enemies over on the Moon farming spot, which we’ve posted before. He managed to kill 11,528 enemies, and amassed 1,652 deaths, which were mostly done intentionally to restart the stage again.

You can check out his stats over on Bungie’s official site just to see it’s legit.

So, did he get anything substantial? Seeing as he mentions that his luck is “shit,” I wouldn’t hold my breath. But you can check it for yourself in the 13-minute clip.

What’s the longest you’ve farmed in Destiny? And was it worth it compared to just ranking up your Vanguard and Crucible reputations and buying stuff from those vendors?

[Source: Newuxtreme (YouTube) via Reddit]