Combined Arms & The Queen’s Wrath Destiny Events Detailed

Dated earlier this week, Bungie has given out more details regarding the next two events in Destiny: Combined Arms and The Queen’s Wrath.

Beginning today, September 19, and ending on September 21, Combined Arms is a Crucible Weekend Playlist described as follows:

This is all out was on a massive scale. Guardians fight to survive in vehicular combat. Form up into Fireteams of six. Drive toward supremacy and glory. Watch for increased Heavy Ammo drops!

Next, The Queen’s Wrath runs from September 23 to October 6:

The Queen’s emissary is prepared to reward Guardians who extinguish the enemies of the Reef. New Bounties will be available, and challenging mission mode await those who prove themselves.

Here’s some more information on the upcoming Destiny events:


These events are just the beginning, as Bungie says “there should always be something new to experience every time you play Destiny.”

They add:

To give you new reasons to bring the fight to our enemies – and to each other – we’ve loaded our cannons with some more special events. Some of them will recur regularly. Others will happen when you least expect them.

Will you be participating in Combined Arms this weekend?

[Source: Bungie]