Bungie Developers Joining Destiny Crucible Matches, Can Win Prize If You Beat Them


Think you are pretty good in Destiny’s Crucible matches? Well, Bungie developers might make you change your mind. 

Beginning this week, a team of Bungie developers will be entering the Crucible, taking on any players that dare to challenge them. Whoever can beat them, will get a special player emblem that announces to the world that you beat Bungie at their own game.

The teams of Bungie developers will be visiting the Crucible every week, and no console will be excluded. Below is a list posted on Bungie’s website of several of the Bungie staff members who will be taking part in these activities.

  • imtylerdurden    –    Josh Hamrick, Senior Designer
  • CE_Wizard Jon    –    Weisnewski, Designer
  • Thug Larz   –    Lars Bakken, Design Lead
  • ShatteredNeo   –    Brandon Lewis, Crucible Tester
  • DeeJ BNG   –    Yours Truly, Community Manager

For more information, visit Bungie’s website by clicking on the link below. Will you be challenging Bungie soon?

[Source: Bungie]