Bungie Promises the Quest for Destiny 2 The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon Can be Completed ‘At Your Own Pace’

The last major quest that brought a beloved Destiny Exotic weapon to Destiny 2 faced criticism from players for one simple reason. In order to unlock the Thunderlord heavy machine gun, Guardians were forced to wait over the course of three weeks, completing a couple of mundane tasks during the first two weeks before finally getting the opportunity to visit a classic Destiny 1 location and earn the gun on week three. The quest was also only available for a limited time before Thunderlord was added to the regular random Exotic loot pool and players could no longer go to the Cosmodrome to earn it.

As we near January 29, the day that The Draw Exotic quest will let players earn The Last Word in Destiny 2, fears have been mounting that we would face a similar issue of timegates artificially extending the quest over the course of three weeks. Replying to a Reddit thread about this very concern, Bungie’s Community Manager Cozmo confirmed that this would not be the case. “You will be able to complete the steps at your own pace and won’t have to wait on any resets,” he said simply, referring to Destiny 2’s weekly resets that occur on Tuesdays. Whether this was a result of feedback from the Thunderlord quest or it was planned this way all along is unclear.

The Draw Exotic quest for the Destiny 2 The Last Word hand cannon will be the last major (scheduled) content release from the Black Armory. Barring any surprises like The Shattered Throne dungeon or Whisper of the Worm quests, February will be a pretty quiet month for Destiny 2, with only the Crimson Days seasonal event adding any content ahead of the Annual Pass’ second content pack, Joker’s Wild.

The Destiny 2 Annual Pass is delivering content in a new way. Rather than dropping a single content release with droughts in between, the Annual Pass spreads content over time, allowing players to consume the content at a more steady pace. We readied our own impressions of the Black Armory so far after a month’s worth of playtime with it, but there’s still more to come, including another forge and this quest for The Last Word, which we now know we can consume at our own pace once it’s in the wild.

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