First Level 30 Destiny Character Appears, Took 107 Hours to Get There

The first level 30 player has finally appeared in Destiny. Mark Edwards, otherwise known as BGTV N3AC3Y, reached level 30 on Monday playing as a Hunter.

Most of Edward’s gear consists of legendary weapons and armor, besides owning an exotic helmet. Edwards’ has spent some 107 hours playing Destiny, according to the Destiny Database, which is quite impressive considering the game has only been out for two weeks.

For about 25 percent of the time played, Edwards’ was in Crucible matches, with the rest of the time spread out between strikes, story missions, patrols, and the new Vault of Glass raid, which took him around 13 hours to finish.

Are you close to getting to level 30? Have you put in anywhere near 107 hours?

[Source: Destiny Database]