Bloodborne Demo Only Managed to be Beaten by 20 People at PAX Prime, 40 at TGS

September 25, 2014Written by Alex Co


It’s no secret that From Software makes games that are a bit high on the difficulty scale, and it looks to have continued with PlayStation 4-exclusive, Bloodborne.

The Bloodborne demo that was on the show floor at both PAX Prime and Tokyo Game Show proved to be so difficult that less than 70 people managed to beat its final boss combined.

During a stage event at TGS, Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa and Marketing man Yasuhiro Kitao talked about the results from the demos and revealed that at PAX Prime, 3,500 people tried the demo and only 20 managed to kill the Cleric Beast at the conclusion. While at TGS, 1,250 people attempted to play the Bloodborne demo, with 40 people coming out victorious.

Bear in mind that people most likely weren’t familiar with the controls all that much when they played it, and that could have factored in to the low success rate. But even so, expect a hard romp when Bloodborne is released in February 2015.

[Source: DualShockers via Destructoid]