Moon Hunters Builds Its Way to the PS4 & PS Vita in Late 2015

September 25, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

Crushing its Kickstarter goal, Kitfox Games confirmed today that their “1-to-4-player, mythology-building action RPG” Moon Hunters is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in late 2015.

Taking place in a fantastical ancient Mesopotamia, Moon Hunters places you as one of the heroes trying to figure out what happened to the Moon, which has gone missing.

Described as “Legend of Zelda meets Castle Crashers, or maybe King of Dragon Pass meets Gauntlet,” here’s the key facts about Moon Hunters, which includes how the worlds are randomly generated and the game only takes a couple hours to beat:

  • An Ancient, Occult World – The gods and their creations yet walk among us, and our prayers do not always go unanswered, for better or for worse.
  • Local Co-Op Like Never Before – Playing alone is fully supported. But if you invite your friends, you won’t just be bashing enemies, you’ll be creating legends together.
  • Build Your Mythology – Your actions show if you are more of a Trickster or a Saviour or something else entirely. At the end of your journey worthy heroes become a constellation in the night sky, your deeds recounted for the ages.
  • Different Worlds, Persistent Myths – Seeing one aspect of the mystery in its entirety only takes a couple of hours, but to truly understand what’s happened, you’ll need to play a few times. Meanwhile, each time you play, the constellation of your character’s legend carries over, as part of your tribe’s developing pantheon.

If you’re interested in Moon Hunters, there’s still time to back it on Kickstarter.

[Source: PS Blog]