Bungie: Destiny Loot Farming Won’t Get You Banned

With the nerfing of loot caves in the most recent update – and the discovery of another loot cave after that update – one Destiny player asked Bungie in their latest Mail Sack if you could be banned for farming.

Removing any sort of worry, Community Manager DeeJ said:

Well of course not! We didn’t ban anyone for staring longingly into the Holy Cave – or for shooting into it for hours on end. The last safe City on Earth needs more hunters than farmers, though, so we’ll do what we can to inspire you to complete missions of variable difficulty under new, challenging circumstances.

Elsewhere in the Mail Sack, Bungie was asked how much pride they take in making the game difficult, revealing how they realize some Strikes are too long and some Crucible matches are too short:

You should have seen us gathered in our own kitchen to watch the firsters beat their head against the Raid on the day when it first went live. Destiny is designed to challenge players of many different skill levels. We want everyone to have a chance to feel powerful. Right now, we’re looking at some of the data to make sure there’s a good variety in the Director. Some Strikes are too long. Some Crucible matches are too short. The nice thing about being connected to every Guardian is that we know more about all of you than ever before.

As well, DeeJ responded to the negative reviews and feedback received for Destiny, saying, “Bungie thrives on feedback. Never feel like you need to stick up for us when you see someone expressing an honest opinion about our games. We’re harder on ourselves than anyone else.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what Bungie’s planning in terms of future updates for Destiny.

[Source: Bungie]