Viking Squad Invades PS4 in 2015, is a Co-Op Beat-Em-Up

With development beginning at the start of this year, Slick Entertainment announced today that their co-op beat-em-up Viking Squad will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2015.

Describing gameplay as “similar to your average beat-em-up, but also differs in a few ways,” the game will have you choosing from four vikings, each with their own special weapon and move set. You can then level up and equip gear, with more attention placed on player skill and skill precision, rather than random dice rolls.

Slick Entertainment Senior Designer Caley Charchuk explained:

Players are snapped to lanes to reduce confusion on whether your attack will connect with an enemy or not. Critical hits are not randomly rolled, players need to be well timed in order to land a critical hit, holding their heavy attacks until just the right window to deal the greatest damage!

Charchuk adds that every playthrough of Viking Squad will have you raiding nearby enemies, and after working through all your supplies, you return home, re-supply, and do it again, with the goal of getting further than you did previously.

For those of you wondering, there was no mention of a PlayStation Vita or PlayStation 3 release for Viking Squad.

[Source: PS Blog]