Unreleased Deus Ex Sequel Documents Found in Archive, Reveal Plot Details

Several documents detailing two abandoned Deus Ex sequels have been found at a University of Texas archive, which holds a vast variety of video game documents and memorabilia. IGN reports that writer Joe Martin discovered the documents in The Dolph Briscoe Center of American History at the institution. 

The first game revolves around an augmented Black Ops soldier who decides to go rogue after discovering that the organization he is working for is using him for wicked purposes. However, he’s forced to conduct a final mission when the higher-ups threaten his wife.

The second game featured a protagonist who had been tasked with investigating the collapse of all global communications, which impacted the entire world. Players would also have been tasked with saving their sister from a cult.

Deus Ex creator Warren Spector confirmed that the documents were genuine. He said:

There were lots of ideas floating around for further sequels and side projects set in the Deus Ex universe. They all went away when Ion Storm Austin shut down. I’m just happy Square/Eidos brought the franchise back to life years later. It’s fun going back to that world as a player instead of as someone who already knows all the secrets!

I don’t know about anyone else, but the whole “save your wife” and “save your sister” thing doesn’t spark my interest. But then again, these descriptions could just be scratching the surface.

[Source: IGN]