PSOne Classics That Still Hold Up Today

Nostalgia can color the way we view the past. Remember those old Saturday morning cartoons? They probably aren’t as good as you remember. The same goes for that favorite childhood movie, or many of those PlayStation games you used to play almost two decades ago.

Admit it; a lot of them look terrible now, and their gameplay feels dated as well.

Fortunately, not all games in the PS1 library are like that. There are still a handful of classics that do manage to hold up somewhat, not just in gameplay but also in visuals, even when compared to the games of today. Here are some of them.

So what old PS1 favorites do you think hold up until today? What aspects of these games make them remain enjoyable despite their age? Are there any that you think should be on this list? Hash it out in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you think!

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