Pinball RPG Rollers of the Realm Gets a Gameplay Video

October 2, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

Atlus and Phantom Compass’ pinball RPG Rollers of the Realm has been announced for release this November on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, priced at €7.99/$9.99 and including cross-buy.

So how will Rollers of the Realm blend the physics-based gameplay of pinball with RPG mechanics? You can find out how in the above gameplay trailer, or read about a couple of characters below:

For example, your Rogue — who can steal gold from villagers or deal backstab damage on foes — is the lightest pinball in your arsenal and can be used to squeeze through tight spaces to unlock hidden areas. She also can summon her canine companion, that acts as a multiball to really clear out enemies quickly.

In contrast, there is the larger, heavier, drunken Knight who is less… accurate, but can smash through boxes or other barriers to allow access to new areas on the board. Oh, and his massive size makes it easy for him to bowl over foes, and since he’s a knight, his special ability protects the gutter areas, preventing any pinball from falling.

Atlus explains that, as you gain new party members, you’ll need to switch between them on the fly to overcome all the obstacles in your way.

Are you interested in Rollers of the Realm?

[Source: PS Blog]