Project Morpheus Social Games Being Developed by Sony

While Sony’s virtual reality headset — Project Morpheus — still doesn’t have a definite release date or price, Sony is already working on titles that will cater to every demographic there is; and like it or not, social games are part of that spectrum.

In an interview, SCE London Studio Director Dave Ranyard has confirmed that Sony is developing social games for its headset.

Look at our studio history—we’ve done a lot of social games…Having that social screen is really important to us. There’s actually quite a lot you can do with that. We’ve been doing lots of companion apps as well—you can interact, you can see what they’re seeing—you can imagine that with a haunted house, and you can totally see it—the payoff is brilliant.

For reference, SCE London Studio created the EyeToy camera companion for the PlayStation 4, as well as games such as SingStar and camera project, The Playroom.

Additionally, Raynard reiterated that Sony still does not have a date on the hardware’s release.

[Morpheus is] still a prototype, we don’t have a date on hardware. We’re very pleased with some of the things that we’ve done, so it would be lovely to get out there to an even bigger audience than the people that just go to shows.

Will you pick up social games for Project Morpheus whenever it’s released? If not for you, then maybe for your friends and relatives that drop by who want to try out the tech?

[Source: Digital Spy via GameSpot]