The first footage of Sony's Project Q portable PlayStation leaks online

Project Q Video Shows Leaked Footage of Sony’s Portable PlayStation in Action

Gamers may still have to wait a while until they can get their hands on Sony’s Project Q PlayStation handheld, but thanks to leaked footage, they can now see the portable PlayStation in action. A leaked Project Q video, along with several images of the handheld, show what looks to be an early version of the final hardware ahead of Project Q’s rumored November release.

Leaked Project Q video shows the portable PlayStation in action for the first time

As initially reported by Insider Gaming, a series of images and a short video clip of Sony’s Project Q handheld have appeared online. The images, which show Project Q in both its finished and disassembled state, reportedly came from a factory producing Sony’s handheld. Following the release of the images, a leaked video showing Project Q’s system software was posted online by Twitter user Zuby_Tech.

While the leaked Project Q video doesn’t show any games being played on Sony’s PlayStation streaming handheld, it does give potential buyers a glimpse at how snappy the software may be. Running on what appears to be a custom version of Android, the system looks remarkably responsive as the person filming navigates through multiple menus using both the analog sticks and the touchscreen. A half-empty battery icon visible on the system’s home screen could add support to reports of Project Q’s short battery life, but it’s too early to tell at this point.

Designed to stream players’ existing PS5 library rather than play standalone games like Nintendo’s Switch, Sony’s unorthodox approach to handheld gaming with Project Q is a big gamble. As PS5 sales continue to grow in multiple markets, though, it’s one that could pay off if Sony can sell PS5 owners on the idea of gaming on the go. But, with economic uncertainty leading many to bring in their budgets in recent months, even if Project Q costs less than $300 as rumored, the asking price may still be too high for many players’ pocketbooks.