A PS5 console and Dualshock controller on a black and white gradient background.
Image via Sony.

PS5 Sales up 116% Across Europe, Xbox Series X|S Remain ‘Flat’

The PS5 is proving itself to be a mighty force in the current console market, as figures show that the fifth iteration of Sony‘s system witnessed a huge spike in sales in Europe for June. Up an eye-watering 116%, the current-gen PlayStation is dominating the market.

Leaving the Switch and Xbox behind

The figure comes from the latest data from GSD, as reported by GamesIndustry.biz, which shows that 15.5 million games were sold in Europe for the month of June, a 20% increase when compared to last year’s numbers.

Two PS5 Dualshock controllers on a colorful background.
Image via GQ.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic is that sales of the PS5 were up the aforementioned 116%, while the Xbox Series X|S is “basically flat,” with sales down 0.8%.

On top of that, the Nintendo Switch saw a decrease in sales across Europe, with the numbers down -2.3%, which is perhaps surprising given the enormous success of Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which was released in May.

The games themselves also did pretty well in June, especially on the PlayStation 5, with the console accounting for 21% for sales of Diablo 4 (while just under 9% for Xbox) and 65% for F1 23 (22.5% on Xbox, 0.3% on PC). Meanwhile, half the sales for Street Fighter 6 went to Sony’s machine.

As of now, the PS5 appears to be the head honcho in the European console market. While just over 500,000 systems were sold in June, Xbox’s biggest rival looks like it’s doing pretty well at the minute, especially given that huge spike in sales.