PlayStation handheld Project Q reportedly has a short battery life

Report: PlayStation Handheld Project Q Has a Short Battery Life

Sony has yet to detail its PlayStation handheld, code-named Project Q, but a new report has already spilled the beans about its battery life.

How long is the Project Q Battery Life

According to known insider Tom Henderson, who originally leaked the handheld and its release window, Project Q’s battery is only going to last 3-4 hours.

Writing for his publication Insider Gaming, Henderson claims that Project Q’s short battery life will be on brand with the DualSense‘s battery life. Interestingly, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said during last week’s PlayStation Showcase that Project Q will have all the features and buttons of the DualSense. It looks like the handheld may have inherited the controller’s battery life as a feature as well.

Sony has yet to reveal Project Q’s price, but considering the handheld is only a streaming device, one can only hope that it’ll come with a reasonable price tag. This is especially if Henderson’s report about its battery life is true.

Project Q is currently rumored to be slated for release in mid-late November 2023. Sony has promised more details in the coming months so we expect to see full tech specs and its retail price sometime this summer.