DriveClub Server Overload Due to “Social Interactivity Between Players”

With the DriveClub server overload resulting in a delay of the PlayStation Plus Edition and MyDriveClub app, Evolution Studios explained on Twitter that “the servers are up and running but there’s not enough space for all players trying to connect.”

Naturally, people believed the overload is due to the amount of players trying to download or race online, but as Evolution revealed, it’s due to the social features:

It’s not numbers unfortunately… it’s the social interactivity between players that’s pushing servers to the limit.

As for the MyDriveClub app, they said, “The app is being held back to reduce the load and traffic on the servers while we work on this.”

We might hear some more news about the servers soon, with Evolution saying, “We’ll have more updates about the servers and online play between now and [Friday].”

Have you been using the delay of the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition to check out any of the other free PlayStation Plus games?

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