Ubisoft Performing Server Test Soon, Online Features to be Temporarily Unavailable

Another Ubisoft server load test is happening today, resulting in the loss of online capabilities for Ubisoft games.

The test, which is the second one to occur this Fall, will start today at 5 PM PDT and end at 11 PM PDT. The tests are meant to check the servers in preparation of the holiday season, and will render Ubisoft’s online features unavailable for a while.

As a result of the testing, we expect that all of Ubisoft’s online features and services will be unavailable for a few hours. During this time, players may experience disconnection from the multiplayer portions of their games and the inability to reconnect to them or to other Ubisoft online features and services.

Single-player modes will still be available, however, just not the leaderboards. Will these tests affect you in any way?

[Source: Ubisoft]