Ubisoft Ends Support for Far Cry 6, No Further Update

Ubisoft Ends Support for Far Cry 6, Servers Will Remain Live for Now

Ubisoft has pulled the plug on Far Cry 6‘s post-launch support two years after its release and has confirmed that the game will not receive another update. However, multiplayer servers will remain online for now.

Far Cry 6 received its last major title update in November 2022

Although Far Cry 6 hasn’t received a major update over the past year, Ubisoft formally announced end-of-support on Twitter last night and confirmed that the game won’t receive minor stability patches either.

This development comes amid rumors that Ubisoft is ramping up production of Far Cry 7 as well as a separate Far Cry multiplayer project. According to known insider Tom Henderson, Far Cry 7 will be a single-player game set in Alaska, whereas the stand-alone multiplayer game will be an extraction shooter (also set in a fictional version of Alaska).

Ubisoft is reportedly switching Far Cry’s Dunia engine with Snowdrop (The Division games). Although a single-player experience, Henderson suggests that Far Cry 7 will be non-linear. He also claims that the game is expected to be released in fall 2025.

As for the extraction shooter, it’ll apparently be released before Far Cry 7 and is targeting a release window of April 2025. However, Ubisoft is no stranger to development delays, so this may change.