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Far Cry 5 Map Editor

A Fan Created the Breaking Bad House in Far Cry 5’s Map Editor

They even included the pizza on the roof!

far cry new dawn video

Far Cry: New Dawn Shows What’s Changed in Hope County Since Far Cry 5

The apocalypse changes everything.

far cry 5 pastor jerome

Far Cry 5’s Pastor Jerome Returns in Far Cry: New Dawn Gameplay Footage

Familiar faces and familiar places.

Fend Off Highwaymen in Far Cry New Dawn’s Lush World

A standalone sequel to Far Cry 5.

far cry new dawn the game awards

Far Cry: New Dawn Releasing in February, Direct Sequel to Ending of Far Cry 5

What happens after the nukes fall?

far cry announcement

Ubisoft May Announce a Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry Spinoff During The Game Awards 2018

A ruined surprise, indeed.

far cry arcade update

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Is Coming to Far Cry Arcade

The Blood Dragon is here.

far cry 5 tech

Here’s How Far Cry 5 Stays So Pretty

So Far Cry 5 is basically Groundhog Day, but way more violent. Got it.

Assassins Creed Games

Multiple Areas in Assassin’s Creed Games Are Possible, Says Ubisoft VP

You may be able to “use the Animus to travel from one [area] to the other.”

Far Cry 5 Patch Notes released

Take Lovely Snapshots of Montana in Far Cry 5 Photo Mode, Latest Update Patch Notes Released

Happy snaps. Bang, bang, and then some more happy snaps.

Worst games in a series

A Bad Egg: Blemishes on an Otherwise Great Series

They all can’t be winners.

far cry 3 classic edition

Physical Version of Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Listed by Retailer in New Zealand

Ubisoft hasn’t made a formal announcement yet.

god of war sales

Japanese Sales Chart: God of War Continues to Impress

Will it ever take the top spot?

Far Cry 5 ending 2

Far Cry 5 is a Masterclass in Player Conditioning: We Didn’t Play the Game, the Game Played Us

Like BioShock before it, we have to wonder if control was ever really ours.

Far Cry 5 live event

Ubisoft Pushing Players to Arcade in New and Uninteresting Far Cry 5 Live Event

You only need to play in the Arcade for 40 minutes.

far cry 5 sales

Far Cry 5 Reportedly Sold Nearly 5 Million Copies in One Week

That’s according to The Jefferies Group.

far cry 5 update

New Far Cry 5 Title Update Coming to Consoles Next Week, Patch Notes Released

Brings a number of fixes and improvements.

Far Cry 5 sales records

Far Cry 5 Breaks Franchise Sales Records, Becomes Series’ Fastest Selling Title

The flagship title now represents Ubisoft’s second biggest launch ever.

Far Cry 5 death loop

Far Cry 5 Players Are Getting Checkpointed Into Death Loops

Checkpoints just before deaths from falling are creating problems.