Far Cry 6 Rambo Mission

Far Cry 6 Invaded by a Rambo Superfan In ‘All The Blood’ Crossover Mission

Far Cry 6 has been invaded by a Rambo superfan in the latest crossover mission. Released alongside a title update today, the free “All The Blood” mission means players accompany the superfan in a vendetta against the Yaran military.

What’s in the Far Cry 6 Update 4 patch notes?

The latest Far Cry 6 update arrived today. PS5 players will need 23GB of space on their SDD for the update while PS4 players will need between 17 and 22GB for their update. The main addition from Title Update 4 is the free Rambo “All the Blood” crossover mission where Dani Rojas joins forces with a Rambo superfan to take on the Yaran military in “a blood-soaked rampage of vengeance straight out of an 80’s action blockbuster”. Those who complete this mission will get a the explosive Vengeance Bow to use in the main game, and it can even take down helicopters and other heavy vehicles.

Players no longer have to worry about irritating consent popups for co-op players when upgrading their Guerilla Camps as these messages have now been removed. Enemy health bars have also been removed from display when they’re in vehicles, making it clearer how much more damage a vehicle can take before it is destroyed. On the other hand, notifications have been added that tells players when their ammunition is full and they can no longer loot ammo from downed enemies.

There are plenty of other bug fixes and gameplay improvements made in Title Update 4 and the full patch notes can be found on the Ubisoft website. Those looking to spend a bit of cash will find a new Rambo Bundle in the shop too, which includes Rambo-inspired character gear, iconic vehicle, a new weapon and more.

In other news, four new games have been added to PlayStation Now today, including Grand Theft Auto Vice City – The Definitive Edition. Elsewhere, Final Fantasy XIV will be starting a Valentione’s Day 2022 seasonal event with limited time items like the Chocobo barding and fancy mobile to earn.