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PSA: Far Cry 6 Free Weekend Kicks Off Today

If you have yet to step into Yara as Dani Rojas, today is a good time to take the trip as Far Cry 6 free weekend has officially kicked off. From now until August 8th, you can get a taste of everything the game has to offer. To entice players to check the game out, Ubisoft is also running a free weekend contest that asks players to enter with their best “summer vibes” photo or video clip from Far Cry 6 for a chance to win prizes like an AMD RX6800XT graphics card!

Far Cry 6 free weekend dates, times, and other details

Find your platform and region in the handy chart below, and use this time and date converter, if necessary.

In true Ubisoft fashion, the link in the tweet above with details on the free weekend actually links back to an older free weekend that was held in March. Nevertheless, here’s what you need to know:

  • You don’t need an active PS Plus subscription to participate
  • The two-player co-op mode is accessible
  • All in-game content can be accessed including the Stranger Things mission, which requires completing initial tutorial missions in Isla Santuario and unlocking one of the guerrilla camps
  • All progress made during the free weekend will carry over to the full game should you wish to purchase it

As far as the contest is concerned, head over to the official Ubisoft contest website to see if you’re eligible to enter.

In other news, a new Hogwarts Legacy cinematic as well as images have been released, and Dying Light 2 PS5 version is getting VRR support in an upcoming patch.