hogwarts legacy cinematic

Hogwarts Legacy Gets New Cinematic and Images

A new Hogwarts Legacy cinematic as well as some images have been shared during the Autodesk Vision Series, which kicked off yesterday. The free virtual event hosted a talk by Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software, in which Hogwarts Legacy’s developers talked about how the game’s characters, animations, and cinematics were created using Autodesk Maya. Fans tuned in, and were surprised with an extension of the cinematic that was shows off at the Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation State of Play earlier this year.

New Hogwarts Legacy cinematic shows a hippogriff being restrained

In addition the featured image above (which was shown while discussing motion capture work), Avalanche Software showed off a character customization screen and character editor.

Avalanche Studios’ community manager Chandler Wood separately confirmed on Twitter that the Charms professor is Abraham Ronen, who is indeed a Slytherin.

Hogwarts Legacy still doesn’t have a release date, unfortunately, but if recent developments are any indication, we expect the game to release sometime in or before early December 2022. What we do know, thanks to datamined information, is that Avalanche Studio plans to offer 72-hour early access to those who pre-order special editions.

In other news, gaming giant Tencent is reportedly planning to increase its stake in Ubisoft. Meanwhile, EA has dismissed suggestions that it’s looking to be acquired.