Far Cry 6 Free Weekend Stranger Things Crossover

Far Cry 6 Free Weekend Begins March 24, Comes With Stranger Things Crossover

Ubisoft has revealed that Far Cry 6 will be running a free weekend, which technically lasts four days between March 24-27, for multiple consoles including PS5 and PS4. In addition, also starting on March 24, all Far Cry 6 players will have access to a free crossover mission based on the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. After the Far Cry 6 free weekend, you’ll be able to purchase the full game at select discounts depending on the platform.

What to expect from the Far Cry 6 free weekend and Stranger Things crossover

Starting now, new players interested in the free weekend can begin pre-loading Far Cry 6 on PlayStation consoles and PC through either the Ubisoft Store or the Epic Games Store. That will prepare them to have full access to the game on March 24 and covers all free downloadable content for the game thus far, including the Stranger Things crossover mission.

Ubisoft plans on bringing out a more horrifying side to the game to fit the Stranger Things theme in a mission called The Vanishing:

“The Vanishing will bring a stealth-horror-survival gameplay experience to Far Cry players for the first time with mysterious characters and new lore. In The Vanishing, players will enter a twisted version of Yara inspired by the Upside-Down, where Dani discovers that Yarans are disappearing and no one is safe – not even Chorizo. Players will be able to explore Stranger Things-inspired locations, such as a hidden bunker and an abandoned laboratory. Dani’s mission – with new skins for a flamethrower and shotgun – is to search for Chorizo and find out what happened to the abducted Yarans.”

This isn’t the first time Far Cry 6 has done special crossover missions and cameos, including a Danny Trejo mission, a Money Heist-themed bundle, and a guerrilla-style mission with a Rambo superfan called All the Blood.

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