Modern Warfare III Zombies

Modern Warfare III Zombies Features Vehicles and More Enemies Than Ever

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III launches November 10, with its co-developers showcasing different aspects of the new game at Call of Duty: Next. This includes Treyarch’s showcase of Modern Warfare III’s Zombies, revealing the new features coming to the popular mode. This includes the introduction of vehicles and more zombies than ever before.

Modern Warfare III Zombies new features

Zombies have been a recurring element of the franchise’s WW2 and Black Ops games for years. However, this is the first time developers will bring Zombies to Modern Warfare. Treyarch teased some of the new features in today’s trailer. Meanwhile, Treyarch’s Kevin Drew and Miles Leslie took the stage during Call of Duty: Next for a more in-depth breakdown.

Modern Warfare III zombies combat

The co-op mode will see teams of players battling both the undead and human enemies in an open-world extraction mode. Squads may encounter each other in the field and choose to work together or go their own ways. Vehicles give Zombies players a new way to explore the map, and Treyarch has increased the number of enemies in each game. These include both zombies and the Terminus mercenaries working for villain Zakhaev, who started the outbreak. The Modern Warfare III Zombies trailer also showcases some of the game’s special infected types.

Zombies fans will also recognize returning powerups, including Pack-A-Punch, Perk Colas, the Mystery Box, and Wonder Weapon. Modern Warfare III will also feature some new powerups, but Treyarch isn’t ready to reveal them yet.

Finally, Treyarch also emphasized the mode’s replayability. Modern Warfare III Zombies players can store the weapons they extract with and choose to start with them later. This includes classic Zombies weapons like the Ray Gun. During matches, players will also find Blueprints that allow them to begin future matches with a given powerup.