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console modding illegal

Console Modding and Save Editing Services are now Illegal in Japan

Smoke one for the PS4 save editor.

ps4 sales numbers

Rumor: PlayStation 4 Has Crossed 90 Million Units Sold

The last official numbers from Sony had the console at over 86 million units sold.

playstation 4 2018

Revisit Sony’s Stellar 2018 in a Brand New Video

It was a pretty good year for the PS4.

playstation 5

PlayStation 4 Emulation Is Making Progress

Because who doesn’t want to play Knack on an ultra-wide 8K monitor?!

January 2018 PlayStation plus free games

January’s PlayStation Plus Lineup Includes Steep and Portal Knights

They might as well be offering Big Chungus.

PSn Flash Sale Video Game Deals PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Holiday Flash Sale Has Huge Discounts on Best-Sellers

PlayStation is giving you the gift of an unconquerable backlog.

playstation 5 tease

Some Think the PlayStation 4 Holiday Theme May Include a PS5 Teaser

This seems doubtful.

Top 10 PlayStation 4 Console Bundles

Top 10 PlayStation 4 Console Bundles

Upgrade your console and pick up some great games all for a great price!

free playstation plus

Get 3 Months of PlayStation Plus Free With a Year-Long Subscription for a Limited Time

Three extra months of verbal abuse from competitive adolescents.

red dead redemption Christmas gift

Top 10 Gifts for Red Dead Redemption Fans

Even cowboys celebrate Christmas!

ps4 uk sales

PlayStation 4 Sales Cross 1 Million in UK for 2018, Bringing Lifetime Total to Over 6 Million

Xbox One is close behind with under five million UK sales.

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Release Date Revealed

Get up close with Sora.

playstation 4 exclusives

PlayStation Celebrates ‘5 Years of Adventure’ in Europe with New Video

Y’all really liked that fish in Detroit, huh?

NHL 19 special edition

Get the Wayne Gretzky-Themed NHL 19 Special Edition Today

Only GOATs, no goats.

astro gaming controller

ASTRO Enters the Controller Business with the ASTRO C40 TR

Feel the power in your hands.

Vermintide 2 PS4 release date

Play the Vermintide 2 PS4 Beta Now and Buy the Full Game Next Month

Pre-order DLC? Rats!

ps4 call of duty bundle

Celebrate Five Years of the PS4 With a New Call of Duty Bundle

The PS4 is old enough for kindergarten.

PlayStation 4 Sales

The PlayStation 4 Hits 86.1 Million in Sales Worldwide

A while of hardware.

Call of Cthulhu review

Call of Cthulhu Review – Lots of Lovecraft, Not Enough-ian (PS4)

The -ian can bring you a long way, if you’re clever.

next generation consoles

Do We Really Need To Be Talking About Next Generation Consoles?

The future is great and all, but what about the present?