Details of Far Cry Extraction Multiplayer Shooter Leaked

Details of Far Cry Extraction Multiplayer Shooter Leaked

A known insider has shared details of the previously leaked Far Cry multiplayer game, revealing that the unannounced title is an extraction shooter intended to be a separate product from Far Cry 7.

What we know about the Far Cry multiplayer shooter thus far

According to Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, Ubisoft Montreal is leading the development of both Far Cry projects, with the multiplayer game changing scopes multiple times over the last couple of years. It’ll be set in a fictional place called Alashnica, inspired by Alaska.

Players will reportedly be tasked with searching for resources to survive and will be able to bring the resources back to their hideout, where they can share their loot and space with other team members. Some of the activities players will indulge in include hunting animals for leather, finding material to craft gadgets, harvesting plants for medicine, and finding parts for weapons and ammo.

Henderson claims that Far Cry multiplayer shooter is “high-risk, high-reward,” and players will lose everything if they die unless their loot is stashed away safely in their hideouts. Ubisoft is reportedly targeting a release window of April 2025, with Far Cry 7 coming sometime after the multiplayer game.

As usual, take all reports with a grain of salt until official confirmation.