PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: October 11 & 12, 2014 – DriveClub… or Not… Edition

October 10, 2014Written by Chandler Wood


It was a weekend that should have been a racing fan’s dream. The entire PSLS staff should have racing around the tracks of DriveClub with the community, whether everyone had the full game or the PS+ edition. Unfortunately numerous server issues and a lack of the PS+ edition being available means that most of us are finding something else to play.

Here’s what everyone is playing this weekend:

Alex Co (@excaliburps)

I’ll be binging on Shadow of Mordor this weekend, since I haven’t played it all week. Will play some more Battlefield 4 since the update really did change a lot of things. I might play some more Destiny, though, I admit that its appeal is waning a bit with nothing else to do except grinding.

Cameron Teague (@Cameron_PSLS)

Playing my way through SENRAN KAGURA Shinovi Versus and jiggling girls breasts left and right in the process… got to love the Japanese and their high tech jiggle mechanics that would make any adolescent boy lock himself in his room. Outside of that, possibly some Destiny if I don’t sell it and maybe some of those free PS Plus games for the PS4 like Pix the Cat or that Dust game.

Chandler Wood (@FinchStrife)

I had hoped to be playing DriveClub with the PS+ edition, but with it not out, and Destiny having its hooks back in me, I will be leveling up the armor that I obtained in the raid and my exotic weapons in an effort to hit level 30 and complete the raid on hard with Dan and the rest of our raid group. Aside from that, I think I will have to try Dust, as Jason has talked it up quite a bit to me. 

D’yani Wood (@Dyani)

I’m planning on crafting tons of actually scary, non-cute Halloween decorations in hopes of scaring away trick-or-treaters and saving money on treats! That makes me want to play Costume Quest 2

Dan Oravasaari (@FoolsJoker)

Given my growing list of exotics and legendaries, I will be back on Destiny to try and level up all of my gear so I can get closer to doing the raid on hard. Other than that, I will have to spend some time catching up on projects, since I have been doing back to back reviews over the last few weeks.

Louis Edwards (@ftwrthtx)

If the 2K servers will quit giving me issues, I’ll be working on MyCareer and MyPark in NBA 2K15. May toss in some MLB and Madden as well. Let’s just call this an all-sport weekend.

Mark Labbe (@MarkyMark255)

I’ll be playing DriveClub a lot this weekend, and I’ll be delving into Styx: Master of Shadows in order to write up a review on the sneaky game.

Ryan (@Decimalator)

It’s my wife’s birthday this weekend, so like a good husband I am going to help her rank up in Destiny. Assuming I get time away from doing all of her house work, anyways.

Zarmena Khan (@Zarmena)

Between now and mid-November, there aren’t new/recent releases that I’m particularly interested in so I’m going to be playing a mix of games whenever I feel the urge. I’ve started with LA Noire so I’ll probably play that over the weekend, too.

Have you  managed to get online with DriveClub? Does Destiny still have a hold over you? Let us know what you’ll be playing.