Report: Sony Preparing to Package Game Consoles for Release in China

The document, which has been confirmed by Tokyo-based Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. spokesman Masaki Tsukakoshi, notes that Sony will be packaging 200,000 consoles annually, the first of which will be packaged by December. 

However, a representative from Sony recently responded Game Informer’s request for a comment on the subject, with the representative saying that the information presented in the documents is not entirely accurate.

Though it is true the filling was made and approved, some parts of the document such as the amount of shipment, number of staff, production start timing, were only tentative and do not represent the actual business plan. We have yet to announce which system will be available in China, price for the system and the launch date.

Sony’s preparation to begin selling consoles in China comes after the country recently lifted a 14-year ban on such video game devices. Will you get a PlayStation console if it hits China? When do you think the consoles will actually be shipped?

[Source: China SHFTZ via Bloomberg, Game Informer]