Sony’s Xperia Z3v Smartphone Hitting US This Month, Will Feature Remote Play


Sony is bringing its new Xperia smartphone to the U.S. This month, and it will support Remote Play for the PS4.

Coming on October 23, the Z3v phone will be co-launched with Verizon, which is why it has that little “v” in its name. The smartphone will go on sale at Verizon stores and through stores that sell Verizon products for a cool $199.99 with a two year contract. It will be $600 without the contract.

The Android-based phone will allow users to play PS4 games on it using the Remote Play function. GCM10 Game Control Mount attachment, which allows users to connect a DualShock 4 controller to the Z3v phone, will be on sale soon as well.

The Z3v is just the first of numerous phones and tablets Sony is releasing this Fall, all of which will support Remote Play. Will you be picking up the Z3v this month?

[Source: Polygon]