Sony Xperia Z3 Product Line to be Able to Remote Play PS4 Games

If you have a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, chances are you’ve used one of the handheld’s best features, Remote Play. Now, Sony is rolling out the first non-PlayStation devices that can use this nifty feature in its “Xperia” line of products. 

The Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and Z3 Tablet will all be to use Remote Play when it’s release this November — as long as the devices are in the same wi-fi network as your PS4. Sony muses that PS4 Remote Play across these devices can “theoretically” be possible over a web connection, but it’s recommending you have both the console and Z3 device on the same network connection.

Seeing as a touchscreen device can’t seemingly implement all the buttons and tactile feedback the DualShock 4 can offer, Sony is also offering a new “GCM10 Game Control Mount,” which works by attaching your phone or tablet onto the controller making it a small TV of sorts.

All three Z3 devices are set to launch this autumn, with Remote Play capability set to go live in November. Now, if you’re hoping that this is the start of Sony implementing Remote Play into everything, you’re out of luck, as Sony has already said it has “no intent to bring it to anything other than Xperia devices.”

As someone who’s used — and liked — Remote Play, I’m all for this. And with the DualShock 4 mount, it could even be a better alternative to the Vita; provided you’re willing to spend a few hundred dollars for it, of course.

Should Sony take advantage of this feature and roll it out across all its other devices? Or should it stay within the PlayStation family?

[Source and Image: The Verge]